Patrik Lönnström

Product Manger, Tech Fan, Corgi Owner & Author of Chrono.se


I’m Patrik and I’m the author of Chrono.se. I solve problems using tech. I work at H&M Group as a Product Manager. Formerly IT Project Manager and Software Engineer. I am responsible for rolling out optimizing the inventory within our stores using technology such as RFID. Focus on Omni use cases and maximizing the unique potential of H&M Group’s 5000 stores.

I have a background as a SAP Application Expert and Project Manager. I specialized in SAP FI/CO and global roll outs. I started out my career within the first IT Graduate Trainee Program at H&M Group in 2014.

I hold a MSc in Business Administration, Information & Knowledge Management from Vrije Universiteit (VU University) Amsterdam and a BSc in Business Administration from Uppsala University.


The views presented on Chrono.se and other mediums are my own. They do not represent my employer. I will not share or discuss any information that may be considered insider information or non-public information.

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